Same Day Shipping

Celebrating 10 years of drone delivery

Artwork for Same Day Shipping by dot.darkness. A light gray plate on a white table contains a glass with a dark liquid,coffee or hot chocolate perhaps, and a chocolate cookie in the shape of the dot.darkness logo to the left of it. "Same Day Shipping" is written in a green script at the top of the plate.

Same Day Shipping

Original Single: December 25, 2023

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On Christmas of 2013 we released our original Christmas EP titled Christmas EP 2: Fudgemint Day which featured the single 2-Day Shipping. The dystopian melody darkly celebrated the announcement of Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service, a promise which never materialized.

Ten years later, a lot has changed of what we know about Amazon and its place in the world. Same Day Shipping is part remake, part sequel—a reflection on a decade of silly Christmas songs and a decade of Amazon deliveries.

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Same Day Shipping